This clinic is geared for Masters athletes and experienced triathletes that want to fine tune their stroke including competitive skills such as dives and flip turns.

Clinic includes:
Stroke mechanics correction and skill fine tuning to prevent injuries.

This 3 hours clinic aims to develop a awareness of athletes current stroke status. We will start with a warm-up including a quick drill review, then perform a video filming of participants swimming above and underwater including dives and flip turns, followed by group discussion while watching instant replay of their swimming.

Then strategies for correction will be suggested to promote correction of improper mechanical issues. Session will finished with participants trying to adapt their strokes and skills after feedback.

Minimum requirement: Participants are comfortable in being in deep water pool for the entire clinic and able to perform dives of the block and flip turns (keep in mind that its a skill fine tuning clinic).

Dates: Session 1- June 29th, Session 2-June 30th
University of Toronto Athletic Centre

Total Cost $210 CAD+HST
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Contact us if you have any questions about this event.